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Corporate Office
H7 Konar Campus, viman Nagar, Nagar Rd.,
Lohegaon, Pune- 411014

Pune Office
604, Bhakati Elegance, Sakore Nagar, Next to Symbiosis Boys Hostel,

Contact No: +91 (0) 20 6643 1107

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Theory of five senses
Bhagesh Gajabhar as a founder of Aetherr Corporation founded and conceptualized five senses of human life in the field of engineering. Since last seven years he is applying and practicing this theory in the areas of operations under Aetherr Corporation. This Theory was first applied and tested in INDIAN Retail industry in 2006. The result was clearly visible and measurable in all areas.

Comfort to See - Aetherr Corporation develop all its lighting design based on sense to see and practicing choreographing lights and lighting design. This impacted on overall look and feel of the space which Aetherr Corporation develops with clients.

Comfort to Hear- As a second physic entity sound is very important part of human life. Aetherr Corporation scientifically provides solution to provide comfort to hear.

Comfort to Smell - Smell makes the places the pleasant and people feel it comfortable. As a part of engineering service we equally value this human comfort and provide our MEP design on comfort to smell.

Comfort to Taste - This comfort is more prominent and needs to be applied in food industry. But not limited to the taste of tongue. It encompasses the human choice as taste of anything and everything around us.

Comfort to Touch - As a part of comfort to touch we developed a complete package and system in which all human being should feel safe, easy and comfortable with the aspects of MEP designs.
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